First Place Winners

1st Place Winners

Last week we were in Bacon Park hanging out with the girls and pulled out our digital camera to film the above video clip.  We decided, just for fun, to enter them in our youth ministry’s 6th annual Elevation Talent Show.  It is a fundraiser where friends and family vote for their favorite acts by placing cash or check in the appropriate voting receptacles.  I guess it helps to have Grandma and Grandpa attend these things, as Bella and Mikella went home as the number one talent of the night!  (smile)  Woo-hoo!  We are so proud of them!

It was funny, too, as they went up on stage when they were announced as winners, both of them were acting all shy and embarrassed.  Later in the evening, as we were cleaning up, we couldn’t get them off the stage (pic of Mikella above)!  I guess they are now acclimated to the stage light – LOL!

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