Faux Hawk!

faux hawk

Yesterday was a bit of a crazy day.  It all started out with a rather bad driver’s license pic at the DOT.  I was renewing my license and ended up with a pic that looks like I was inebriated! 😛

The rest of the day, I was contemplating a hair cut.  I’ve had this longer, curly hair for a couple of years now and I was feeling like it was time for a change.  When I got home from work that evening, I asked Deanna about it.  She suggested trying a faux hawk.

I decided to put it up for a Twitter/Facebook vote.  The “polls” were open for about four hours.  I had a lot of fun reading the crazy suggestions for hairdos including 3 votes for a mullet and 1 vote for the “bald horseshoe look”.

In the middle of the voting process, at around 9:00 PM I heard Autumn scream something from the basement.  A few moments later, I was downstairs staring at a baby garter snake that was curled up in front of the downstairs bathroom!

I don’t know if you guys know or not, but I DO NOT LIKE SNAKES!  Even if it is “just” a garter snake — yuck!  Autumn and Cynthia were the heroes for the evening while Bella kept on sleeping through it all and I feigned strength and heroics for Kella — keeping her calm through the whole ordeal.

Long-story-short is that Autumn and Cynthia successfully worked together to get the poor snake out of our basement and all was well.  WHEW!  (Deanna was out for a “girls’ night out” or I’m sure she would have been in the middle of the action, too.)

Back to my hair… What were the final results of the polling?  6 votes for a full-on shave, 6 votes for a faux hawk, and 3 for “don’t touch it!”  I decided to go with Deanna’s recommendation and try out the faux hawk for a while.  Here’s a video of the hair-cut and the end result!

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