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That’s a pic of myself and my youngest daughter, Kella. We shared a rough night together a few nights ago.

If I went into details, I’d lose readers for the rest of this post, so I’ll spare you. The short of it was that her tummy was not feeling good and we had to do a lot of laundry after this night: her clothes, her bedding, her replacement clothes, her replacement sheets, my shirt, etc. You get the drift.

I love my baby-girl and it pains me to see her in that condition. There were lots of tears that night and I could hardly bare it. I wanted to hold her, to comfort her, and to “make it better”.

After going through a few sets of clothes and sheets we decided she needed to be near the bathroom for any other late-night emergencies. We laid a few blankets on our wooden floor, a few pillows, and I cradled her in my arms for the rest of the night. She fell promptly to sleep and I… well… I stayed pretty uncomfortable and sore on the hard floor, but incredibly content, happy, and even proud to be sharing this daddy/daughter moment with my little girl.

This last week, I had another proud daddy moment. I have four daughters, so I have them frequently. (grin)

My two oldest daughters led worship for our church’s vacation Bible school. I absolutely loved to see my daughters not only worshiping, but leading others into the presence of God. I was tearing up… having a moment… so I updated my Twitter/Facebook status, like any proud daddy would do.

Anyhow, later that day, my friend Lion commented on that status. He told me that it was wonderful meeting my family earlier this summer, that I had a great family, and to enjoy my moment. After that he added, “…kind of how I bet Daddy [God] has many proud dad moments as your Heavenly Father.”

It made me think of this video that our senior pastor, Tani, shared with us earlier this year on a Sunday morning service…

Isn’t it amazing to think of God’s love for us? I know I need to be reminded of this and I’m guessing that some of your students probably need to hear this, too: God is more than likely having a proud daddy moment thinking about you right now.

(“Father’s Love Letter” video courtesy of fathersloveletter.com)

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