Everyone Matters

This January, we’re starting a new student message series titled “Everyone Matters”. It is all about understanding the fact that evangelism is at the core of God’s heart and encouraging and equipping students to live the life of an authentic follower of Jesus while inviting others to experience the same.

Most believers know that loving others is important, but it’s something many of them rarely practice. This is due to fear, unhealthy expectations, and a lack of practical ideas. This series will address all of those issues, providing students with the tools they need to effectively and confidently communicate the truth of Jesus to their peers. Here’s some of the themes we’ll be hitting each week:

EVANGELISM 101 – Understanding God’s heart for those far from Him.

BECOMING THE REAL DEAL – Living the authentic life of a follower of Jesus before a watching world.

EMBRACING THE PROCESS – Being faithful to the long haul of evangelism.

THE ART OF SHARING YOUR OWN STORY – Harnessing the power of a changed life.

UNDERSTANDING THE GOSPEL MESSAGE – Clearly communicating God’s story to those far from God.

We can’t wait to dig into all that God has for us in the New Year!

0 thoughts on “Everyone Matters

  1. mclanea

    Love this theme! This gets me all pumped up!

  2. Shawn M. S.

    We plan on tying this in with Tim’s online missions trip. I’m so looking forward to it!

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