Don’t Miss the Summer Camp Deadline!

The registration deadline for this year’s summer camp is THIS WEEKEND!  It’s also when all camp balances are due for those of you that are already registered.  If you need forms or more information, go to our official camp site at; it’s all there.

Of note: there is a mandatory camper’s meeting on Wednesday night, June 17th at 6:00 pm.  Parents, students, and leaders are all strongly encouraged to attend.

I want to encourage you to make this a priority.  Don’t let money, a summer job, or anything else keep you away.  We’ve seen so many students ministered to in such deep and rich ways through the camp experience.  Don’t miss out!  Check out these stats from last year’s camp; were you one of these numbers?

  • 2 salvations,
  • 5 students healed,
  • 7 students baptized in the Holy Spirit,
  • 21 students that received God’s direction for their lives, and
  • 15 students that received a call to ministry!

Take a stroll down memory lane with us as we relive the camp “videos of the day” from last year’s EPIC camp…

And the testimonies from last year’s camp on day 4…

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