Delirious? Farewell Tour

Delirious? — on my top list of fave rock’n’roll bands of all time — announced their farewell tour a couple months ago. I saw that they were coming to Colorado Springs, so I checked around to see if a couple of guys would be interested in going with me to help defray the costs and do the “bro-trip-experience” with me.

Well, it turns out that Brent, Mike, and Ken were up for it! We hit the road Wednesday morning and drove the 8-hour drive… it was TOTALLY a blast! Such a great concert and such an awesome time — including tons of laughs with the guys. Here’s some highlights from our trip…

Delirious? truly did deliver. I’ve always said that I wanted to see them live and they were absolutely awe-inspiring. What an incredible concert AND worship experience! So sad to see them say “goodbye”.

We had the opportunity to visit with our mutual friend, Lion Mendoza, on Thursday morning — another highlight of the trip. We all love that guy.

Of course, a stop at the Apple Store and watching Ken get a little loopy after taking some sinus medication was fun, too!

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