This weekend was Cynthia’s 13th birthday celebration.  The party theme was SpongeBob Squarepants and candy!

We started out with an adult/family party, where we prayed and blessed Cynthia’s transition to “teendom”.  I teared up several times, but probably the most stirring moment for me was when Autumn, Cynthia’s older sister, came and laid hands on her and spoke into her life.  Whoa!  What a moment!

Seeing Deanna speak over her with tears in her eyes really got to me, too.

During the couple hours in between the adult party and the time when Cynthia’s friends were to come over, Deanna and I worked to decorate another fabulous birthday cake.  Cynthia wanted her cake patterned after Kella’s infamous Candyland cake with a twist: SpongeBob!

Cynthia’s friend party was a lot of fun, too.  Check out some video highlights from the day…

Shawn Michael

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