Corn Starch and Water

Wow! The following video brought back memories of an overnighter the youth group once did at my house. The girls were upstairs, and the boys were downstairs. My mom was still running a home daycare in the basement at that time, so there were all sorts of arts, crafts, and supplies in the closet located in the big room where we were [supposed to be] sleeping.

One of the guys got into the closet and discovered a Crayola jar of starch. I’m assuming it was for paint or something like that, but who knows? The important thing is that he found it and started mixing it with water into this wonderful, chalk-like, half-liquid/half-solid paste. We had some fun with it for a while before someone had the bright idea of “painting” this stuff onto the hairy legs of our deep-sleeping chaperone/youth worker. This was probably at about 3:00 AM; we were all supposed to be sleeping. Well, that wasn’t fun enough, so we decided to make a bet to see who could get various food items (i.e., Oreos, jelly beans, M&M’s, etc.) to stick to our poor youth leader’s smothered, pasty legs from the farthest distance.

As you can imagine, the room quickly filled with various snacks flying through the air. Childish snickers and wild giggling ensued. That is UNTIL… UNTIL that fateful M&M hit our youth worker square in the face and woke him up from his deep sleep. He immediately realized that his legs were starched and stumbled as he tried to get up as the paste had somewhat hardened and glued his lower body to the carpet. The first thing I remember him saying in a mean, bear-like growl was, “You guys are going to clean this up! NOW!!!” ROFLOL! So we did. None of us wanted to mess with “the bear” (who was a really good youth worker, btw, who deposited so much into my life — props, “Big Al”) at 3:00 o’clock in the morning, and most of us were more than ready for bed anyway.

So, seeing a big bowl and then a big bath-tub-looking thing full of the stuff on Ellen’s show made me smile inside. Oh, the memories… Watch the video to learn more about the crazy texture and substance created by mixing corn starch (probably not the same kind of starch we used in our basement) and water. It’s very entertaining…

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