Christmastime 2016

I somehow caught some sort of sinus/ear infection the day my family came down to visit for the holidays this year. And it hit me HARD! I had tremendous sinus pressure in my ear, until the point where it finally ruptured the tip of my ear drum. And even then the pain didn’t get much better — just more bloody and pussy and gross.

Despite all that, we had a fabulous time altogether. Cynthia and Dad came down from the north, our two new little ones slid right into the family traditions and even though I was in pain and in bed a lot, it didn’t dampen my spirits. Deanna took very good care of me and helped me to feel as good as I possibly could.

All that said, I didn’t catch as much footage as I generally like to for our annual “Christmastime” family video. I didn’t even get Cynthia (other than the back of her head) this year. I was in such pain on the night we were opening presents that I sat in the easy chair and filmed what I could from there. Regardless, I am thankful for what I was able to capture. I love reliving the memories as the years go by and this will be another one that I know I will treasure. I love my family. And I love Christmastime.

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