Choose Your Own Adventure

Okay, so I know you’re out there… how many of you were avid readers of the Choose Your Own Adventure book series that were popular in the ’80s and ’90s? Come on! You can admit it.

Well, I was one of them.  I loved the idea that I controlled my own destiny — whether it be one of good fortune or if fate handed me a death blow, it was determined by which page I decided to turn to… i.e. “Go to page #36 if you want to enter the cave… Go to page #43 if you want to keep going around the mountain bend…” Fun stuff!

In the next three weeks, we will let you have control of the rally services. Last night, you already voted on the message topics, and in the coming weeks, you’ll get to pick the worship songs, ice-breakers, and more! Stay tuned for what’s up next… YOU DECIDE!

In the meantime, maybe you can catch up on reading some Choose Your Own Adventure books (official site, here) — to re-live the “old times.” 😉

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