Camp EPIC (Nebraska) Vlog Update #1

If you didn’t know, this week I’m hanging out in the middle of no-where Nebraska at one of the best camp facilities I’ve ever been to (check it out at  It’s kind of a homecoming for me as Deanna and I were part of this same district camp a few years back at this same facility.  Lots of familiar students / leaders faces and it’s also been great connecting with a whole bunch of new-to-me students and leaders. I have the privilege of being the camp speaker this week.  So fun!

The first night is now done and I’m sitting in the staff area with some Starbucks and Internet (sweet) while the kids exploring the grounds and hangin’ during free time.

Sam Hjelmfelt also had the opportunity to come with me this week (very cool).  He was one of the morning breakout speakers this morning.  I was so proud of him; he’s been receiving a lot of great feedback today.

Now that yesterday’s drive (10 hours) is behind us and I’ve gotten some good sleep, I’m feeling a whole lot more like myself.  Looking forward to what God has for us for the rest of the day.

Here’s a quick vlog update that I recorded a few hours ago…

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