Biker at Heart

I just got these pics from Dad’s recent big motorcycle trip with my brother, Todd; I thought that he looked pretty good in his new threads. Then, just days later, I had the opportunity to ride his Goldwing (pictured above) to Pierre for a family wedding I was attending. Deanna and the girls had left early, so we thought driving a motorcycle would help us save on gas.

I got to wear Dad’s cool new threads (new biker jacket, gloves, and helmet) and jam to tunes hooked up to his 6-disk CD changer in the back saddlebag. A bonus was the big white cup (also pictured above) that you could fill with ice and a tall boy AMP energy drink for the ride home! I had so much fun; I love road trips anyway, but Dad’s Goldwing is sooooo… comfortable. I could make a long trip easier with it than with any car I’ve ever driven.

The best part was probably the other people’s reaction to the biker in black duds rocking out to tunes on the interstate. It’s one thing to “rock out” the car listening to tunes, but when you are on the bike, EVERYONE can see you — including your feet, keeping “air time” with the “air kick drum”! (smile) Gotta love it!

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