Bella’s First Day of School

Today was back-to-school day for our three oldest girls… well, actually (correction)… today was Bella’s very first day ever, as she was going into her first year as a kindergartner. The anticipation has been high around our house for a couple of weeks now, but she has always been more excited than fearful. She is at a place right now where she always wants to be with other kids, and she has been playing “homework” and “school” at home for the past few years.

So… maybe this was the hardest on Mom and Dad. Mom was in tears as we got to the school, and Dad was fidgeting with the camera the whole time so that he wouldn’t lose it, too! We are very proud of Bella and know that she will excel this year, as will all of our girls.

Cynthia is a 6th grader at the same school that Bella’s attending (Memorial Christian), and Autumn is going into 7th this year at West Middle School. It is hard to believe. Our girls are growing up! (sob, sob…)¬†Click here for pics and watch the video below…

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