Bella is Almost 5…

Oh my goodness, I can’t believe it Our firstborn, Isabella Nicole, will be five years old this Thursday. That is unbelievable! I know this sounds very cliche, but “where did the time go?” I am suddenly urged to pull out the camera and follow all of the girls around, taking pictures every five minutes so that I don’t miss anything! It’s hard to believe how fast time goes by when someone so important to you (and someone you are so in love with) is becoming a little lady right in front of your eyes.

Not to mention… Deanna and I are coming up on — believe it or not — TEN YEARS OF MARRIAGE this next month. Wow! It’s amazing how good God has been to us during our “short” time together. That’s what it feels like – short. It feels like yesterday that I fell in love. There are no words to explain the love your whole world has been shaped by. I love Deanna to the core. I’m excited to get the opportunity to celebrate our 10th anniversary with her out in California next month. I’ll write more about it when we get back.

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