Be the Remedy

Okay, so when I received my pre-ordered David Crowder Band CD, “Remedy”, today, it totally made my week. Seriously. I love these guys: their wit, their music genius, the passion, the amazing lyrics, etc. I was giddy.

A few days earlier, I had read Crowder’s blog about his excitement for the release and how he was placing a number of “extra happy things that will not be expected necessarily” that “shall surely be a certain treat” to those that had pre-ordered from their web site. Check it out: fun stuff!

…a big hemp-looking handbag, three dandy stickers, and a bright green Remedy-cross guitar pick — here’s a closer look…


Oh yeah, the album… the album is absolutely “glorious”! (smile) Tear-inducingly good. If you don’t care for the extra swag, go and get it now at iTunes.

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  1. Brian Eberly

    Downloaded it this morning. Love it! Best Crowder effort to date in my opinion. Too bad I couldn’t get the cool bag via iTunes!

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