Back to Full-Time Youth Ministry!

Many of you have been praying with us as we had to navigate an unplanned transition this summer. Our family has been asking, seeking and knocking for God to take us right where He wants us and we believe we’ve got an answer!

As of the first week of September, I have officially accepted the full-time youth ministry position at Pine Valley Church, our district’s Foursquare church in Bayfield, CO (not far from Durango).


I have visited the church two weekends in August and Deanna and the kids got to come down for a weekend, too. We really feel good about the DNA of the church and how we could fit into the long term vision and growth of the church family. Their prophetic heart for worship, missional impact in the community and abroad, passion for NextGen ministry and desire to be led of the Holy Spirit all resonates deeply with us.

Bayfield is a beautiful part of Colorado and a much-visited resort area for both summer and winter activities. The weather, we’re told, is relatively mild in all seasons as well.

I am excited to go down to Bayfield on the 19th of this month to start shadowing the current youth pastors, the Mathersons — great, well-respected and loved leaders who are not planning on leaving but rather transitioning into more of local area-missionary roles in the coming months. My official start date at Pine Valley is October 1st.

In the meanwhile, we are looking for housing and are praying through steps for the family to make the move down as well — hopefully all very soon!

Many thanks to our family at friends at NorthRock Church (you will always be family to us), our Gateway District friends (so many of you reached out to encourage us), and friends and family who have been praying with us all along the way. You bless us!

Excited for the next part of the journey!

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