Back Home

I made it back home yesterday evening at around 5:00 PM. Deanna had gone through a couple of rough days again (still recovering from her tonsillectomy) so I encouraged her to stay home and went over to the church for the rally service. I had already told Deanna that I would preach the evening before so there wasn’t too much extra preparation involved — just getting there and getting the room set up. There were several tarps covering all of the equipment to protect it from any more accidental water damage. I got everything uncovered and set up just in time for the rally.

It was great to be back! We played a fun movie-trivia game with audio clips, Ken led us in an awesome time of worship (I was in tears) and taught us a new song, and God put on my heart a short message about being a cultural rebel using comparisons from the life of Christ. We ended the evening with a commissioning to join the “rebel alliance” (smile). All in all, it was a great night.

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