Baccalaureate Service @ Crossroads Wesleyan

This year’s Black Hills area Baccalaureate Service was so inspirational and moving. BIG THANKS to Pastor Nate for hosting it at Crossroads Wesleyan Church; you did such a great job of planning and making everyone feel welcome! Here’s a few short video clips from the evening featuring an original song from Caleb Grenz…

…and closing comments from Deanna, my best friend and lovely wife…

0 thoughts on “Baccalaureate Service @ Crossroads Wesleyan

  1. jason

    thanks for sharing dude. what a great moment to speak (and sing) into these graduates lives.

  2. Shawn M.

    Yes, it is the blessing and the curse of the youth pastor (or any pastor)… to continually train them up and then send them out. It’s great stuff, and it’s what we’re calling to do (send people out), but it’s still hard to say good-bye. Whimper — whimper!

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