At Valapalooza, We Like to Dance…

I’m sure a Valapalooza highlights video will follow this post sometime soon, but here are some quick clips from the opening moments of this year’s big event. The first one is a hilarious, elaborate set-up for a dance that Jim Waldrop did for his wife, Dyani, at last year’s event. Dyani was so disappointed when she found out that it wasn’t filmed the first time, so we wanted to give Jim a chance to do it again and get it on film. My idea was to spoof Jim’s dance, with Deanna taking the chair this time and myself coming up with some crazy-cheesy choreography. It was easy with such a beautiful wife, companion, and best friend as my inspiration. [I love you, Deanna.]

Here’s what it looked like… (brace yourself)

And here’s Jim’s dance for Dyani — what a guy!

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