American Idol 7 Predictions?

Okay, first of all, I’ve got to admit that my tastes almost never seem to match up with the rest of America (apparently), but here’s who I am rooting for as of right now…

My fave… I’m gonna jump on the David Archuleta bandwagon.  His version of “Imagine” was breathtaking and I think he has the best range and vocal control out of any of the remaining contestants.

Second choice, maybe Jason Castro, even though he didn’t impress me early on.  Part of it is that I’ve heard that he’s a believer and I want him to “represent”.  Part of it is that his last two performances weren’t half-bad.  I was impressed!  Especially with that falsetto stuff he was doing last night.

Lastly, I’m rooting for Brooke White, even though I think she has a small chance of making it all the way.  She’s not the best technical singer.  Not a lot of flash here, but when she sings there is a stripped down quality to her voice that is just honest and sincere to me.  Her song at the piano solidified her in one of the top spots in my book.  I wanted more emotion / passion at the song’s end (when it was building), but the beginning of the song was flawless.

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