Phew!  The past few weeks have been pretty rough.  For about four weeks now, I’ve been dealing with a major headache like I’ve never experienced before.  The first time I noticed it getting really bad was coming back from the CAUS Youth Convention with our students.  I was riding back on the bus and my head hurt so bad that I could barely move.

I went to a sinus specialist first, because I’ve had breathing problems all of my life and… well… we just thought it was time.  They found out that my septum is crooked but that my sinus, adenoids, and tonsils looked all right.  He suggested that my septum is probably causing most of my sinus issues; either that or allergies, which he also tested me for (still waiting on the results).  They put me on a nasal irrigation routine that really helped me breath much better, but did nothing to help with the headaches.  In fact, they ended up getting worse.  At the recommendation of the doc, I quit the routine until my next visit with him this Tuesday. Here’s the x-ray of of my nasal cavities; the black areas are the air passageways…


Next, I went to the Community Health Center because the head pains were getting pretty unbearable.  The walk-in doctor asked me a bunch of questions, told me that he wanted me to get a cat scan to check for “further possibilities”, and put me on a prescription pain medicine until they can get something figured out.  The pain meds have taken care of the worst of the pain and made our two recent trips (to Atlanta for the NYWC and to Pierre/Gettysburg for Thanksgiving) much more pleasant. The only other bad thing… I broke out in a crazy rash, that still hasn’t totally disappeared, the day before we left for Atlanta… (groan)


It took my insurance company a while to approve the cat scan, but I’m finally going in tomorrow at 11:20 AM.  I would SO MUCH appreciate your prayers.  I’m hoping to find some answers and relief soon.

Shawn Michael

Husband, father, musician, pastor, Internet junkie, and Foursquare District NextGen Rep for the Gateway District