Karate Kid Star Makes “Most” Movie

Here’s a cool story (click here) about Karate Kid star Billy Zabka and his quest to make a movie based on a story that parallels the Gospel. With no cash, script, or location, Zabka and his friends earned an Academy Award nomination for Most, a story about a drawbridge operator who sacrifices his son’s life to save hundreds of people …

0 thoughts on “Karate Kid Star Makes “Most” Movie

  1. Brian Eberly

    Absolutely an amazing film. I own it.

  2. Shawn M.

    Really, can you tell me a little bit more about it? I was thinking about getting the DVD.

  3. Sheila

    this movie changed my life and i show it to everybody i can. it’s had more impact on me than any film i have ever seen. the website is mostthemovie.com

  4. Shawn M.

    Thanks for sharing, Sheila. I went ahead and ordered a copy — can’t wait to see it.

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