I Never Thought I’d Be This Excited About B-ball…

i never thought

…but then, again, I probably just wasn’t thinking about watching basketball from the perspective of “Daddy”.

I’ve just got to take a second and brag a bit on Cynthia.  We’re probably about halfway through their 6-week basketball season and her team – the Memorial Crusaders – have yet to lose a game.  This is thanks largely – in part – to Cynthia’s involvement.  Granted, this is 4th and 5th grade basketball.  They are a lot of “I can’t believe they just did that” moments from all of the girls, including Cynthia, because these girls are just learning how to play.

The amazing thing is how Cynthia has really progressed in the game over the last couple of years.  This is her third year of playing and she has somehow become the “star player”.  She is the point guard and responsible for calling out the plays and getting the ball down the court.  This week, everyone gasped as she did this court-length, left-handed drive all the way for a lay-up and scored.  Even “Dad” did a double-take!  I have other parents asking me if we have given her any extra training / coaching or if we are going to enter her in another league after this is over.  Wow!  Who’d a thought?

Deanna and I always joked that we were raising a family of rock stars and basketball players.  Looks like God is making that a reality.  LOL!  There’s still a couple weeks left in the season if you want to come out and see her in action.  E-mail us for the schedule.

Oh yeah, another thing I’m really excited about.  Deanna is coming back home from Hawaii tomorrow morning.  I’ll be picking her up from the airport at around 10:00 AM.  Yee-hah!  We’ve all missed her incredibly.

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