Shawn Michael

Husband, father, musician, pastor, Internet junkie, and Foursquare District NextGen Rep for the Gateway District

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family life

The Greatest Gift

From one of my favorite blogs, Ragamuffin Soul: Carlos Whittaker, father, worship leader, and video editor tells the tale… Sometimes you just need to point and shoot… If for no other reason than to capture those Read more...

family life

Some Health Issues

Phew!  The past few weeks have been pretty rough.  For about four weeks now, I’ve been dealing with a major headache like I’ve never experienced before.  The first time I noticed it getting really bad Read more...

family life

Autumn Sharing at the Youth-led Service

Deanna was MC’ing this moment at our church as students were getting up and sharing… she was barely able to hold it together as Autumn started to share.  I wanted to stand up and say Read more...