Zion had his tonsils and adenoids removed a week ago today. It’s been a tough week for him and us as he’s been really slow to recover. At least, that is if you compare it to the post-surgery experiences of Bella and Kella, his older sisters, who both had the same procedure but also both recovered quickly, in a matter of a day or two.

Zion did’t eat or drink much at all for almost a day-and-a-half after surgery and has been slow to do so since then. He complains of an “ouch” in his throat and is seems to still be in lots of pain if he doesn’t get Tylenol every four hours.

We’re checking in with his doctor again this morning. Please join us in agreeing for his quick recovery and healing. Thanks much!

Shawn Michael

Husband, father, musician, pastor, Internet junkie, and Foursquare District NextGen Rep for the Gateway District

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