My family has been in Duluth, MN, now for just over two weeks.  I still have that awkward, new-guy-in-town feeling — that wherever I go, people probably just know I’m not from around here.  My daughter Cynthia likes to catch those life moments and say “awkward” with a big smile on her face.

I had one of those moments today when I was waiting at an innapropriate place in traffic and the car behind me started honking his hort at me.  I wanted to tell the driver, “I was confused!  I’m new in town!  I don’t know these streets like you do!”  But all I could hear in my head was “AWKWARD”.

All of this awkwardness reminded me of this old Coke advert…

Any of you have some awkward moments in your week that you’d care to share?  Well, come on!

Shawn Michael

Husband, father, musician, pastor, Internet junkie, and Foursquare District NextGen Rep for the Gateway District

  • axe_mechanic

    akward turtle……………….:}

    • Shawn_Michael

      Yes :<

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