God called Abraham out of his homeland to be the start of something great: a nation that would one day be called Israel. Abraham followed God through deserts and famine, laughed at the impossibility of God’s promises, and found his faith on the line when God called him to sacrifice his miracle child. Abraham (who was first known as Abram) was a blessed man — but he was never blessed for his own sake. He was blessed so that God’s glory might be seen throughout the world.

God blesses us because He loves us, and as a loving Father, He finds pleasure in blessing us. God’s plan for blessing others often includes us. Enter into Abraham’s story. Walk with him through the Negev. Learn as he gets caught up in lies. Laugh with his wife. Walk up the altar with a great trust in the Lord. And experience how God is using you to bless others!

For the next month we are going to go on a journey together to recognize how we’ve received blessings from God and how we can use those blessings to bless others. Through the course of our time together we will also learn how the hardest times and biggest mistakes can sometimes be hidden blessings. By the end of this series, our hope is that you will have a new perspective on God’s love and blessing in your life and a better understanding of how you are invited to share that love with other people in specific ways.

God calling you…are you answering the call?  See you on Wednesdays the @ 7:00 pm student rally services to walk through that question with us.

Shawn Michael

Husband, father, musician, pastor, Internet junkie, and Foursquare District NextGen Rep for the Gateway District

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