As I was reading through the morning devotional with my girls this morning (we love to use YouthWalk — I highly recommend it!), I came across the phrase “pitching their tents” on a passage we were reading about the Old Testament tabernacle.  That brought me immediately back to this “classic” viral video of this poor guy…

I heard recently somewhere that this guy is still around and doing ministry.  Can anyone confirm that?  Thankfully, he probably has an understanding and playful staff.  

Just this year, I had an embarrassingly similar experience.  When I was sharing a heartfelt moment for illustration at a Wednesday night rally service, I communicated that I was literally “crying my balls out”… um… OOPS!  I meant to say “bawling my eyes out.”  It was supposed to be a very serious, tear-inducing moment.  It enduced tears all right!  Tears of LAUGHTER!  Thanks to my staff, who love to remember “great moments” like this, I’ve not been able to live this moment down.  😉

** UPDATE: Thanks to fellow readers, here’s Blake Bergstrom’s blog.

Shawn Michael

Husband, father, musician, pastor, Internet junkie, and Foursquare District NextGen Rep for the Gateway District

  • I haven’t had a moment like that…YET! Atleast not in a church setting! But i did share with you the story of they guy reading from Eph. 6 and said “you will be able to extinquish the diarrhea farts of the Devil” rather than “you will be able to extinquish the fiery darts of the Devil!” Oops I imagine the concregation was equally wrecked for any productive teaching that followed!

  • Tim Lillard

    Blake is still around…

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  • funny, he popped up on my radar the other day. apparently acquaintance friend & he are buddies.

  • @Clay: Yup, that’s a “great moment” too, fo-sho!

    @Tim: Thanx for the link; I’ve updated my post.

    @Gavin: I subscribe to “Jesus Needs New PR”, too. I knew I had seen this somewhere recently. Thanks for jogging my memory.

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