I’ve been getting a few phone calls and texts this morning in regards to the Extraordinary Youth Convention.  As of present, all plans are still on despite the weather.  The tour bus company says that as long as the department of transportation is declaring the roads safe, they are “all in”.  So, that means we still need you to be there at 8:30 AM tomorrow morning as planned.  We may get to our destination later than planned, but it looks like we’ll get there.

If you weren’t able to make the informational meeting last night because of the weather, you can download the hand-outs here…


Some important things to remember (included in the hand-out):

  • pack a sack lunch for Friday’s afternoon meal; we’ll eat it upon arriving in Pierre
  • no electronics (including cell phones, iPods, music players); we want to help you foster relationship this weekend – EXCEPTION: digital cameras are allowed
  • bring cold weather clothes (including winter coat and walking shoes)

If anything changes, as far as cancellation of the trip, we’ll make sure to contact everyone right away.

UPDATE @ 5:45 PM Thursday night —————

The road conditions have not gotten any better and D.O.T. is still reporting the interstate shut down. Our plan for now is to still go to convention, but we may not leave at the same time depending on what happens overnight. Pastor Patrick will talk with the tour bus company at 6:30 AM Friday morning and we will re-assess the road conditions in town, on I-90, and in PIerre at that time. We’ll post updated information here, on Twitter, and on Elevate Electric (for those subscribed) as we get new information. We are looking at a possible 12-noon or even 3:00 PM departure time, if needed.

Again, check back here, Twitter, or your e-mail inbox for updates tomorrow morning. We’re trying to direct all traffic here so that our phone lines won’t be ringing off the hook in the morning. Thank you.

For your information, we’ll also be posting weekend updates and pics on Twitter all weekend long if you want to follow our progress.

UPDATE @ 9:00 PM Thursday night —————

The departure time has been officially changed: we are meeting at First Assembly of God Church at 11:30 AM.

We received an e-mail from convention coordinator, Mark Entzminger, stating the following:

“It appears that the roads will open again tomorrow morning at 9:00 AM which means traffic should be flowing at a decent pace shortly after that time. It also appears the Blizzard Warning/Winter Weather Advisory will be lifting tomorrow before noon.”

Leaving at the later time will allow all current warnings to expire and give the state a good jump on cleaning the roads. Thank you so much for your understanding throughout today as we gathered information to make a decision that reflects the safety for all involved. We will see you at 11:30 AM for what we believe will be a powerful weekend of meeting with God.

Again, if anything changes, we will continue to post updates here, on Twitter, and through Elevate Electric.

UPDATE @ 10:00 PM Thursday night —————

As for the current plan (meeting at 11:30 AM @ 1st AOG), please either eat lunch before your arrival or pack your sack lunch to eat on the bus.

A reminder to PLEASE pack warm winter clothes.

UPDATE @ 8:00 AM Friday morning —————

The current gathering time is still currently planned for 11:30 AM at First Assembly of God this morning.  If you foresee problems getting there because of road/weather conditions (if you are still waiting for a plow, etc.), please notify us immediately via cell at (605) 209-1105.  We need to be informed.  Thanks much.

As we have been stating, please check back here before leaving this morning to double-check that there haven’t been any changes in plans.  You guys are the best!

UPDATE @ 9:00 AM Friday morning —————

Okay, thanks for calling us and letting us know about the road conditions.  We are officially moving the departure gathering time to 2:30 PM at First Assembly.  Stay tuned.  If we have to delay until tomorrow, that’s what we will have to do.  We’ll post updates here!

IMPORTANT: Let’s still plan on bringing your sack lunches.  We’ll eat those on the bus for dinner this evening if the current plans play out.

As of present, we have confirmed through D.O.T. and families close to the interstate that I-90 has not even started to be cleared.  We also heard from several of you that are still waiting for the plow to come through your areas.  Don’t worry; we won’t leave until driving conditions are safe according to D.O.T. and the tour bus company.  That is our first priority.

UPDATE @ 11:30 AM Friday morning —————

The departure has been cancelled for TODAY.  We are trying to get word from D.O.T. and other sources to see if a departure time tomorrow would be feasible.  Check back on the blog this evening for any updates.  Please call if you have any questions.

The D.O.T. did not advise travel today and I-90 is still not open on our side of the state.  If you want to leave us feedback as far as whether you still want to go or not, please do so at shawn@elevationgeneration.org.

UPDATE @ 3:30 PM Friday afternoon —————

If you haven’t yet, please let us know what you are thinking about tomorrow.  Would it be worth it to go for the last of the convention (if the roads clear up)?  As of now, the SD Department of Transportation is still reporting most of western South Dakota roads unsafe for travel.  We’re going to keep an eye on the reports and make a decision, but we still want to hear from you.  Shoot us an e-mail.

Check on South Dakota travel updates here:


Shawn Michael

Husband, father, musician, pastor, Internet junkie, and Foursquare District NextGen Rep for the Gateway District

  • bridget

    hey this is bridget if things clear up i think it would definitly be worth it to go for the last part of the convention!!! i hope this helps you in making your decision!

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