Tonight, at our rally service, we’re talking about what drives students to action… your “heart”, your passions.ย  I couldn’t help but think about Zachary Hunter, the teenager that’s taking on the issue of modern day slavery and impacting the world through his efforts.ย  I’m going to be showing this short clip as an opener tonight… praying that God awakens a generation to action…

  • zach hunter

    Hi Pastor, If you get this message before tonight, I wanted to thank you for sharing my story — but more importantly for investing in my generation. Could you tell your students that:

    Alot of people think that if change is going to happen, someone who has more money, more experience or someone older is going to make that change happen. They wonder why God isn’t correcting the wrongs in the world. Or, they think “If I’m able to do something, then it will be SOMEDAY.” God is a loving Father and he wants to change the world through us. I want to encourage students at Elevate that you don’t have to wait for someone else, or someday. But you are the someone and today is the day!

    Your brother, Zach

  • You got it Zach! I’m printing it out right now.

    Thanks so much for living out your passions. You are doing so much to shape our world and influence others to action. You have my respect!

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