We’re so excited about our next message series at the Elevate rally services (starting next week).  I’ll be sowing some time into preparing for this on our trip to IHOP (the Kansas City International House of Prayer) this week.  About 11 of us are going to seek God going into the new school year.  Pray for us while we’re there!

Many students are confused about where they are headed. Their life seems cluttered and chaotic when they take a step back. They want to understand God’s plan and purpose for their life, but don’t know how to grab hold of it. They want to uncover their God-given strengths and use them for His fame, but don’t know where to begin.

The first step in the right direction is for you to know who you are. You are in God’s family — created by Him with your own unique heart, abilities, personality, and spiritual gifts. God brought all of those elements together in you so that you can serve Him and the world in your own unique way.

Within this message series, we’ll discover together the place where your God-given passions and strengths intersect. You’ll find the way that you’re specifically designed to serve. You’ll learn more about your…

* Spiritual Gifts
* Heart
* Abilities
* Personality
* Experiences

Through understanding each of these areas in your life, you’ll begin to see who you are and how you’re designed to serve. You’ll stop serving because that’s what you’re “supposed” to do, and start serving from the depths of your heart and soul because it’s what you were created to do.

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