Okay, maybe some of you youth workers have got budgets that cover things like mission trips, camps, and outreach projects, but the list of youth workers whose budget covers it ALL is likely very short. That’s where the necessary evil — as I like to call it — of fundraising comes in. We’ve got a few great events that we’ve come up with over the years that are pretty pain-free, fun, and don’t feel like we’re pulling people’s teeth asking for money (such as this weekend’s 8th annual Elevation Talent Showwink, wink!). But I’m always looking for new and creative ways for students to raise monies for their individual fundraising efforts, too — such as an upcoming mission trip we’re planning with our camp speaker this year.

Fund the Nations looks like a winner to me. Now, I’ve never personally tried it, but we do have a long tradition of selling T-shirts to help students with their summer camp balances (through LivingEpistles.com). That’s worked well for us. People like getting new T-shirts and supporting our students at the same time. That’s the same idea behind this site, but Fund the Nations is exclusively missions-focussed. Their T-shirts all have the same grayed-out, kind of grungy-look featuring the flag and/or state/country of where your team will be ministering. So, not only do people get a cool T-shirt and get to support you in your students’ personal fundraising efforts, but they’ll also be wearing a T-shirt reminding them and others to pray for your students while they are away. Great idea!

By the way, I discovered this gem through another new site passed on by YM friend, Mark Matlock of PlanetWisdom fame. The site is YMNow. This has been a good week of Internet discovery for me!

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