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Ever since I (Shawn) came back from a youth group mission’s trip to Guatemala when I was a junior higher, I’ve had this reoccurring skin condition on my fingers.  When I went to see the doctor upon my return, it was initially diagnosed as scabies and I’ve tried to treat it us such since that time.  It usually starts with clear, tiny bubbles on my skin just above the fingernails on my knuckles.  They then either break and ooze to severely dry out my skin and make it very hard to bend those fingers comfortably or they eventually “grow into” each other creating larger, more painful blisters / bubbles.  The condition seems to only get bad every other three years or so… this time it has returned very painfully on just my left hand’s pinkie finger.

After researching my symptoms online for a few hours yesterday evening, I no longer think I have scabies, though.  I think it is much more likely that I have what is called dyshidrotic eczema.  First of all, the symptoms described online are much closer to this than scabies and also, the pictures I have been seeing much more closely match what I’m seeing on my fingers.  What does this mean?  Well, maybe I’ll be able to try out some different recommended treatments to see if I can get this thing conquered once and for all.  Or, at the least, know how to make it quickly go away when it tries to come around again.  That’s my hope.

The crazy thing is that with the emergence of the blisters on my finger this time around, a large, oozing circle just above my right elbow started forming, too.  I went to see a doc on a walk-in who said that he’s never seen anything like it.  He prescribed an antibiotic to stop the oozing — which it did — and scheduled a visit with a dermatologist.  The problem is when I went up to the front desk to check out, they told me that the in-house dermatologist was booked up and I couldn’t make an appointment.  (sigh)  Some friends of mine say they experienced something very similar about ten years ago and their doctor told them it was a spider bite.  It’s doing much better, but it is still large, itchy, and gross-looking.  (see pic below)  Believing and hoping that this will all be over with soon.  I’m definitely tired of this!


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