Check out the “Umpa-Land” set being built during the David Crowder Band’s initial performance at the GMA’s… love it!

Here’s some comments from Crowder on his GMA blog:

“…regarding the Crowder band and the umpa-land that we were creating during our inaugural performance on the doves, no physical injury occurred, and so we count it a success. Also, my mom thought it was cute. I thought it was quite fun and adequately campy, our hope being that it would be just about impossible not to smile when the happy sunshine drops in at the end. Hogan said he caught a glimpse of The Mr. Jeremy Camp grinning madly and clapping like a four year old when the sun came, so, i mean, to make a manly man like Mr. Camp feel what I would classify as “glee” is pretty fantastic.

…We also had a lovely night as far as awards go. We were really happy to see our latest effort, Remedy, be awarded the dove for Album Packaging of the Year. The whole green cross thing was something we had in our heads the whole time we were making the recording and of course we think Gary and Kaysie Dorsey (the folks at pixel peach who do our art stuff) are freaking geniuses with the Photoshop or whatever wizardry they use to make us look presentable. I mean, yes, it is undeniable truth, we are an incredibly photogenic band, but really they do a fine job despite this. Also there was the dove for “Worship Album” and one for Pop/Rock recorded song of the year “Everything Glorious” and I also received one for singing on Mac Powell’s “Glory Revealed” album. The highlight of these recognitions was that Bibleman was the presenter for “Worship Album of the Year”.

I don’t even know what I said when we got up there because it was all so weird, you know, a guy in a plastic muscle suit, presenting you an award for a worship album, it was just mind blowing. But the cool thing about the Doves is that it is all of those people that you’ve gotten to know over the years that are voting and it’s just really, really nice to have them vote and acknowledge that they think what you are doing is meaningful in some way. At least that’s how i like to look at it all.”

Too bad I couldn’t find a link of Bibleman giving Crowder the Dove.  I’m sure that was entertaining, too.

  • People should read this.

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