Last year there was a big “to-do” (in local church-circles) about students at Stevens declaring / joining up with the national Day of Silence event to promote pro-homosexual tolerance. There was talk of staging some sort of response gathering, getting the media involved, etc. I must admit, I got caught up in the moment myself and was trying hard to figure out how to get involved. It was kind of embarrassing when we all found out that literally only two or three students were involved in making all the noise — it wasn’t school sanctioned, it wasn’t school-wide, and most students didn’t even know about it at all!

This year’s Day of Silence is scheduled for this coming Friday. I haven’t heard any talk this year, but wouldn’t be surprised if a few students are planning on participating. I read this article today by Jonathan McKee. I like his thoughts. Maybe we’ll do a better job of responding this year if the situation comes up again?

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