Anybody @ Destiny remember the young guy by the name of Darien Koop that helped us out when we were first getting our projection system up and running over at our Elk Street property? Here’s a pic…

Well, turns out that he’s currently doing the light / effects show for the Newsboys’ Go Tour. Even more exciting (to me), he’s going to be touring with Family Force 5’s tour next! I connected with him online before the show last night and had hoped to see him at the show, but alas, it didn’t happen. I messaged him on Facebook last night and got this reply about his day yesterday:

“Well, the drum riser wheel that goes up in the air and spins was being put into place, and it fell on me. They thought I had broken something in my neck, so i was taken to the hospital for a catscan to be sure. Im ok, it was just a crazy day. On the out, I had a chain motor come across the stage and hit me in the face. I have a black eye today because of it. Got to love my job!”

Oh my goodness! Poor guy!

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