Let’s play a game. Many of my blogger-friends have done this already; I’m just jumping on the bandwagon… You basically open up your favorite media player (Windows Media Player, iTunes, etc.) or mp3 player, hit shuffle, and list the first 10 songs that are played. Here’s mine…

  • Be Lifted or Hope RisingDavid Crowder Band from “A Collision or (3 +4 = 7)” …off to a good start! 
  • From the Inside OutUnited from “United We Stand” …one of my all-time faves 
  • AmazedLincoln Brewster from “All to You…Live” …another worship staple (I’ve got lots of worship music) 
  • Eyes1000 Generations from “Prayers” …great band! 
  • You Gave Your Life AwayPaul Baloche from “Our God Saves” …we’re playing this song in our Good Friday service 
  • Music is My LifeSFC from “Phase III” …old school hip hop — a window into my past (smile) 
  • The Rain Kept Falling in LoveThe 77’s from “Pray Naked” …from the fathers of Christian alt-rock 
  • CursesSteve Taylor from “Squint” from the grandfather of Christian alt-rock 😉 
  • You Give Love a Bad NameBlake Lewis from “Blake Lewis – EP” …(of American Idol fame) okay, this is a little embarrassing 
  • ExpectationsCaedmon’s Call from “Overdressed” …finally, the Caedmon’s Call I loved from earlier days is back!

David Crowder, on a recent post, says your list is a tell-tale sign of whether you are a likable person or not. So… do you still like me? LOL!

Ok, now your turn. Post it on your blog and link to it or post it in the comments section. Let’s see your stuff!

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