Okay, here’s the deal… we’ve got 15 tickets to the best show in town: the Newsboys’ Go Tour on Monday night, April 14th at the Civic Center. We are going to reserve these tickets exclusively for students (6th grade through HS grads) for the first two weeks. So, if you want the tickets ($17.50 each), you need to connect with Pastor Shawn ASAP. E-mail me at shawn@elevationgeneration.org or get a hold of me via the phone or at the church. First come, first serve! You heard it here first at the blog!

Click here to see where our seats are…

Visit the Newboys online. They have some great concert footage of the current tour. Then watch this dueling drum solo from a few years back… fun stuff!

Visit the other band’s sites: Rush of Fools, Article One, and New World Son.

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