I think I’ve been staying up too late at night for too many days in a row typing up these vacation updates. Last night, I was so tired after we finished up Young Frankenstein that I just fell asleep. Needless to say, I’m writing Day 6’s update at the dawn of Day 7. Some amazingly HUGE snow flakes are falling and the world outside looks white. Very pretty.

Deanna’s been asking for a tour of the property outside of Bryan and Karen’s house. Dad took the camera out while Bryan was cutting wood for the fireplace (a daily chore). He shot and narrated most of the following footage…

Yesterday we headed down to Concord, NH — the state’s capital. We spent a couple of hours visiting the Christa McAuliffe Planetarium, which was very interesting and informative. Christa is the teacher from New Hampshire that died tragically in the Challenger Space Shuttle explosion in 1986.

Just as we were walking into the planetarium, I got a call from Deanna telling me about a fourth sprinkler system failure at the church back home. This time, it was at the worst possible location (as far as potential damage to expensive equipment goes): a sprinkler head opened up right above the stage in the sanctuary. It sounds like several guitar amps, our main speaker amps, several cables, microphones, and our multimedia PC all got sprayed with water. My heart sank when I heard the news. I can’t believe all this is happening — especially a fourth time in a row. I’d be very embarrassed to be the contractors who put in that system. It sounds like they are going to set up the children’s ministry’s sound system for Sunday morning and that Pastor Brent will be leading worship with an acoustic guitar.

We ate lunch at Panera’s — another first for me, and hopefully not a “last”. Wow! It was good bread. I had a chicken chipotle sandwich and a creamy broccoli and cheese soup with a side of bread. Of course, this meal was bested by dinner, as we went out for fresh lobster at Johnson’s Seafood and Steak restaurant. Bryan and I tackled our lobsters head-on while Mom and Dad opted for what they called the “lazy man’s version” — where the meat is pre-shelled and comes in a bowl of butter, ready to eat.

A full day… Bryan is heading out now for Dunkin’ Donuts. Weather.com says there’s a possibility for 3 to 6 inches of snow. Fun! Fun! I’ve missed snows like this!

UPDATE:Β  Bryan never made it out for donuts.Β  The snow was accumulating pretty fast — we ended up with probably around 4 to 6 inches of snow by the end of the day.

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