We kind of did our own version of Destiny’s Worship and Wait service with the students this evening — along with our current message series, Change Your World. After a shortened time of worship, we gave students pens and paper and they wrote down God’s word to them for themselves — which they took home — and these following corporate words for Elevate Student Ministries in 2008. Love it!

  • Grow deeper. Worship with all our hearts. Accept others.
  • Depth. Drawing. Danger. We need to continue going deeper with God. He is drawing students to Him. This is a time for reckless abandon.
  • Continue ministering to the students and teach them to go out and talk to people about God and great things will happen.
  • That we would grow and continue to reach the unreached because I know that through our church we will change our youth. From bad to good and not ‘just good’, awesome warriors for Christ… and that all our regulars would never let Christ leave us.
  • Keep going on! Keep growing on!
  • It will grow.
  • Elevate, I bring you more and more children… My goal is to fill this church with many believers to tell others!
  • God is really going to bless the ministry in more ways than I. This year is going to be better than any other year.
  • Reach out to others; don’t push ’em away.
  • It is a good Christian environment and it is very accepting toward non-Christians… and I made friends here — ones who understand and never give up. No matter how hard or painful it gets.
  • To take all that we have learned home and to our schools and spread the Word.
  • Do not be so inwardly focused. Reach outside yourselves and draw others to Me. Do not be afraid of rejection. If you don’t try, you have already failed.
  • Don’t worry about what other people might think about how you live your life. It’s your life and God is in control. So let others be able to see that and just let His light shine.
  • Cooler stuff… everyone’s problems get solved… all pain goes away.
  • Do not be ashamed of the Gospel. Make your faith in Christ be actions more than words.
  • This year you need to step into your destiny. Get out of your comfort zone, off your “pews”, and spread my glory and good news to other people. Don’t be afraid. I will lead your steps and teach you what to say.
  • You will grow… your boundaries will be “boundless”… you will touch the lives of many… you will prosper.

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