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Deanna just called from Hawaii… it’s about 9:30 pm our time… 5:30 pm where she’s at.  To give you an idea of her day: we left the house at 5:30 am this morning to get her to the airport.  What a long travel day — ugh!

She flew from Rapid City to Minneapolis and had about an hour and a half layover there.  After she got in the air again, they were already flying over ocean waters when the plane unexpectedly turned back to land for a “medical emergency”.  No word on what the emergency was or if that person is okay.  But Deanna was stuck on the plane in San Francisco for a while before being able to get back on her way.  So… anyhow, 16 hours later, she is happy and in Hawaii!  Her plan is to take lots and lots of pictures so that we can, in some small way, share the experience with her.

Oh yeah, maybe she’ll bring back some chocolate covered macadamia nuts, too!  ;-o

And there’s more…

Not only does Deanna get to go to Hawaii this week… she also just came back from a four-day trip to Anchorage, AK where she donned far-out Eskimo sunglasses…  check it out!

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