Christmastime 2016

Shawn Michael —  January 5, 2017 — Leave a comment

I somehow caught some sort of sinus/ear infection the day my family came down to visit for the holidays this year. And it hit me HARD! I had tremendous sinus pressure in my ear, until the point where it finally ruptured the tip of my ear drum. And even then the pain didn’t get much better — just more bloody and pussy and gross.

Despite all that, we had a fabulous time altogether. Cynthia and Dad came down from the north, our two new little ones slid right into the family traditions and even though I was in pain and in bed a lot, it didn’t dampen my spirits. Deanna took very good care of me and helped me to feel as good as I possibly could.

All that said, I didn’t catch as much footage as I generally like to for our annual “Christmastime” family video. I didn’t even get Cynthia (other than the back of her head) this year. I was in such pain on the night we were opening presents that I sat in the easy chair and filmed what I could from there. Regardless, I am thankful for what I was able to capture. I love reliving the memories as the years go by and this will be another one that I know I will treasure. I love my family. And I love Christmastime.

Lots of fun with family and friends. She’s a keeper! We love our Kella 🙂

Happy 4th!

Shawn Michael —  July 4, 2016 — Leave a comment

Had a fantastic day full of family, friends and fun from beginning to end.

I shot some highlights from our first Bayfield parade today (above). Deanna’s friend Natalie was with us for it and then left and made her way back to Greeley. We rested a couple of hours and then spent the afternoon with the Prothero family — great food, laughter, kids running around playing and lots of stories shared. And then, lastly, we closed out the evening at the Cusenza’s back yard with a great — and comfortable — view of the fireworks.

Gotta love family! So thankful for our freedoms and the place we get to call home. God bless ‘Merica!

Deanna and I were able to get away TOGETHER this year for Foursquare’s big Connection event in Hawaii. We had such an amazing time! We caught a luau with hula and fire dancers at the opening session and Hawaiian feast, ate great cultural food from food trucks and hole-in-the-wall restaurants, visited the beach several times, snorkeled, hiked Diamond Head, rented a boogie board and held each other’s hand and kissed — a lot!

I loved it. A lot.

Here’s some of our highlights…

Foursquare Connection was one of my favorites in recent years as well. There were 3,000 Foursquare pastors and leaders from 49 states and 51 different countries attending. I really connected with the worship team this year and the speakers all seemed to be speaking directly into my heart. In addition, I had the opportunity to catch up with the other district NextGen Reps for breakfast Tuesday morning. I’m looking forward to re-watching some of the general sessions the next couple weeks. So good!

Here’s their quick highlights video from the week…

I’m very blessed. Now off to Cedaredge, CO, for two weeks of summer camps!